25 Aug 2015

How we spend our time

Making a little walking through the lanes
of the town Hvar on Island Hvar, Croatia,
in the evening. They are too narrow for cars.
People are sitting and eating
Promenade alongside the riva (quay) with shining cobblestones
of many centuries of feet-polishing at day and night
when people go out to catch air and meet friends
or show themselves to others.
Yaughts are also making shining the water in
extraordinary colours.
Old bench alongside a house in the main plaza.
I am doing some stitches.
This seems to be a sample of "hole-making" -
pulling threads. But also other stitches. I have a faible
for pulled threads. I am inventing - my library is at home.
Then DH's birthday with a "wonderful" weed-flower bouquet

the simple way of celebrating during holidays --


there was also a visit in the icecream shop but

it ended in an accident when the waiter spilled

the hot espresso over my white trousers.

I should have made photos ... but who would think

of shooting when you are burned with coffee.

I ran to the toilet to "dilute" the colour.












  1. Oh, Anneliese, I hope you didn't suffer any burns on your legs! Lovely photos of your stroll around the village.

  2. I hope you really enjoy your stay in the town Hvar. I have such sweet memories of the island Hvar - the architecture, the vegetation, the people, the promenade, ...

  3. Oh, nein! Der Kaffee war hoffentlich nicht mehr allzu heiß und es bleibt nur der Fleck im Stoff (beim Zelten hatte ich versehentlich sehr heißen Tee auf den Fuß meines Mannes verschüttet und das Rot machte mir die ganzen Ferien über ein schlechtes Gewissen).
    Das Leben und Treiben in anderen Länder zu beobachten finde ich auch spannend, manches ähnelt unserem Leben, manches ist ganz anders. Noch schöne Ferientage, Birgit

  4. such beautiful images with wonderful explanations.sorry about the coffee and happy birthday to your DH.

  5. Such a wonderful atmosphere in the village. The weed flowers look like a plant which we call "four o'clocks" here. It is a nickname dont know the botanical name. They get a little black seed in the centre which drops off and produces the plants for next year.
    Oh what a disaster to have coffee spilled onto white trousers...did you get the stain out.Hvar is such an interesting place, no wonder you love going there

    1. Oh, yes, Shirley, that's it. It is just the one you are describing. Black seeds in the middle and opening may be at four o'clock. I did not look on my watch.

  6. sounds nasty the coffee spillage, trust you are not burnt on your legs and the coffee stain has washed out, otherwise you will have to soak the trousers in coffee and dye them. your pulled work is super, a lovely technique, think I am missing my hardanger maybe time to start another piece, it would give the knee a chance to get better as the foot pedal is not helping so hand stitching for now.