23 Dec 2014

Slippers again -

Hello everybody who was following me with the museum slippers

It is nothing special but they will be good for a Swiss Alps Chalet

as footwarmer after skiing - or somewhere else, ha!

They shrank - they were 45 cm long and are now 30 cm. I like the little bits of
threads which are hanging still - but they can simply be cut off and
nothing will unravel.
Next time I will cast on less stitches - I am learning.
That's what I wanted to show.



  1. you could probably shrink them a bit more, if you choose, with another hot wash. they look good.

  2. Sampling! How else could you figure this out??? Can't wait to see your next pair.

  3. GREAT, perfectly fit, slippers!

  4. these are looking so warm and cosy.
    Have a lovely time this Christmas, not sure where you will be as you are so often on the move.

  5. A very merry christmas to you and your family anneliese. Have a wonderful day


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