9 Dec 2014

Little things - scissor fob and dotee dolls

An ornament to hang on the tree or use as scissor fob

It is Mary Corbet's idea ................. the link to the site:

Below: This is the reverse side - it is firmly stuffed with ....

Its thickness

Well, this cost me at least three hours - but the result
is very nice I think.

two more

and the reverse sides -

and dotee dolls - I made them while being silent on my blog

looks like a medieval baby wrapped in cloths

the "hairdo"

I wish you a creative week!


  1. These are lovely, you are very creative.

  2. i saw those on Mary Corbet's blog but i resisted. i love yours and those wonderful dolls.

  3. So now we know that you are up to when you are silent on your blog! The small ornaments are just lovely (and a great idea by Mary Corbet). The dolls have such personality and are charming.
    What a good showcase for TAST stitches.

  4. you have been very creative here especially love the dotee dolls and the ornaments will make excellent scissor fobs too

  5. These are great Anneliese, wish I were so productive. Alhough going through all the scrap fabric I have they would be ideal things to make. And I thought you were having nana naps when you are silent on your blog. ha ha.

  6. Love the fobs/decorations Anneliese. They didn't take you too long to make either. Nice hairdos you did for your dolls. Perhaps stick to embroidery and not go into hairdressing. LOL

  7. I love these little things you are doing.


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