3 Nov 2014

Crazily crazy

A really very irregular grid

and a shocking little thing

will I be able to stand it? Photo taken late at night.

Well maybe with intense quilting I can take off the

strong lines a little. Ok its wonderfully colourful - and I

need that - however it is very, very crazy, infact

crazily crazy.


We collected our walnuts last Saturday. it is the

first crop of our self-planted walnut tree - we are so happy



  1. How wonderful to have grown your own walnuts.

    I love your crazy 'shocking' thing! Sometimes you have to go for it and see what happens. I'm looking forward to the result of the quilting - I think it's going to be marvellous.

  2. wow....you did that crazy patchwork so quickly. i love it. it looks like a map of a big city. you could embroider street signs and applique houses....my mind is working overtime. i love it just the way it is. and how wonderful to be able to pick your own walnuts. i just bought some at the grocery store.

  3. I adore this Anneliese, yes, crazily crazy it might be, but the colours are so happy and it is something wonderful. the strong lines all add to the overall sensation.

  4. I agree with Catherine, having your own home grown walnuts is wonderful. I bet they tasted great.
    The Crazily-crazy quilt is stunning. I am sure you can 'stand it'.

  5. Wow Anneliese, what a colorful and crazy quilt. Love it!

  6. Wow, wonderful! I love the colours!

  7. it's crazy in the best way. It's bright, alive......I love it as it is....

  8. I think your crazy quilt is joyous! What colour! I love it.
    How did the walnuts taste? How many years from planting to eating?

  9. I love the quilt. It has so nice colores.

  10. It is wild and fabulous Anneliese. Love the name crazily crazy, I think it also describes we the quilters!! I am trying to imagine how beautiful a freshly grown walnut must taste. Well done!


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