14 Nov 2014

Autumn leaves

Autumn means leaves - I had to try it - stitches into dry leaves
Hillary Fayles Blog was this inpiration for me -
I have to practice still a lot

The first one I did - crochet - no good - too much adornment
please forget it - sewing is a better method

The oak leaf - cutting holes into the leaf is ver easy with
a scalpel - but I had to take care not to break the points
inspite of the varnish.

I made more knots into the second hole

And this is a future candidate.


  1. What's ugly? I think your stitched leaves are fantastic!

  2. this looks amazing! I have wanted to try it for so long but never quite sure how to start, and now I know, varnish the leaves first. I love the oak leaf, but really they are all stunning

  3. wow !! those creations are just wonderful!! and what a marvelous idea, I am inspired ....

  4. Your leaves are not ugly!! But maybe it didn't turn out the way you wanted. Thanks for sharing how you prepared the leaves.

  5. I like the color of the crochet thread in the first photo - why not try simple stitching on the gingko with that color instead of white.

  6. i love the first 2 leaves. i think the 3rd one would be fabulous if the color of the thread wasn't white. if it were mine, i would take a sponge with paint and dab some color on that thread. love seeing your experiments. keep doing it. they are wonderful. you could make a little leaf book.

  7. very creative Anneliese. I am surprised that the leaves did not tear when you pulled the thread through, I have a box full of old leaves somewhere amongst all my bits and pieces

  8. Wow, points for trying! Well done, I think they are beautiful :-)

  9. wow! Fabulous. Love the gingko


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