28 Sep 2014

Nature is painting

Autumn is here but today was a day like never in summer.
Lunch and all afternoon outside - short sleeved - stitching
Its paradise.


  1. Nature's colours are truly amazing. Glad your weather is warm we are having a spring time cool change at present and wearing long sleeves !

  2. love the colours of autumn Anneliese, here too we are enjoying sunshine, now what do I do quilt or cut the hedges which I hate doing hedges should win really as they must be done before the cold weather comes

  3. Isn't it wonderful? We have been having this weather too, I am still walking around in my sandals! I am afraid it is not going to last much longer :-(, but I am thankful we have had such a great summer.

  4. Enjoy your autumn colours! It's my favourite time of year.


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