18 Dec 2013

Before and after

It looked like that - I took this shot in the morning

beautiful! -

and like that

a bit unsharp

and now 10 hours later:


Sorry - I talked of discipline ..... it vanished into thin air ...

My excuse, I am not alone and I did not the bigger part.



  1. Who could keep their hands off such delicious looking biscuits? Did you have dinner as well?

    1. This was an after-dinner treat even with wine - all weight sins.

  2. Excuses, excuses. I wish I had those in my kitchen. I have yet to bake. I have been taking my time cleaning and reading blogs (procrastinating.)
    Today it's the floors so I best get to it before the day is completely over.

  3. I am not surprised they have been eating, they look very tempting. What have I baked nothing, might make a bit of shortbread but that will be it for me

  4. Go for it Anneliese for tomorrow we may die.....t. (That four letter word). They look so inviting I am sure I couldn't have resisted them either.

  5. Christmas is time to enjoy yourself! Have a great one!!!

  6. Anneliese even I would have been tempted to try such luscious biscuits even though sweets are a no no. It is good to see your fantastic cooking is appreciated. Have you thanked the little invisible elves for helping you eat the biscuits? :O

  7. Anneliese, they all look so delicious, it is surprising there were any left at all.


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