23 Sep 2013

Rag pickers - or recycling

We, the rag pickers......
Making a walk in our village last night, it was Sunday -
we saw some things which people put in front of their houses
for the ragmen to collect - bulky waste. We have the opportunity to do this
four times a year for free.
And so we jumped at the little white dresser and the picture frame,
well also the picture is not bad at all, it is an aquarell reproduction
showing Würzburg, a beautiful town in Germany.
Above is a real photo - which I took from internet - 
it IS looking like that.

We will use just the frame.

And then the mirror, again a mirror, in perfect condition as everything
which we brought home. Recycling!! It did not cost a single Cent.
We are furnishing an old house in France - the house which DH is renovating.
Now we need some paint....


  1. wow...great finds. we have bulk pickup by the city twice a year. there's usually very little left for the city to pick up because people drive up and down the streets and take what they want. a wonderful way to recycle. like they say, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'.

  2. They are very good finds. I do like the little white cupboard.

  3. love the chest you found, in Australia they put things out that are unwanted and people come and take what they want, such a good idea shame the council do not allow it here.

  4. The chest is what I like most of the things you found. Are you going to paint in different colour? I also saw the scarf you did , it is very pretty and I like the shape you have chosen.

  5. Very handy for your renovation house. Well done! We have the pick ups occasionally here but not in our area alas. But, if you put something out at the front gate and put a sign 'free' on it, it soon goes!!

  6. in France, we have a website, name recupe.net where we can propose items that we get rid, but can still be used (even things like wood). it is to help to recycling the things


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