5 May 2013

Tast 2013 stitches

New ist here the knotted buttonhole stitch (no. 64)
It is still the little purse where I can't put many stitches.
There are 4 sides, but only two will be embellished.
The wavy line in knotted buttonhole stitch

The following photo is showing the
raised cross stitch flower stitch (no. 62)

The leaf

My scroll stitches (no.63) left side top row
right side: in the middle
And a line of knotted buttonhole stitches
something will still be stitched into the empty space below.
Waiting for new ideas - or stitches from the
wonderful SharonB via Pin Tangle - click

I am having fun with stitches!


  1. It is easy to see you are enjoying your stitch play. Watch out, fish, soon there is no space for you on the purse, the sea weed is growing fast!

  2. So many stitches for you to use. It is looking beautiful.

  3. your purse is looking great, very pretty Anneliese and the leaf is coming along a treat

  4. I love the colors of your crazy patch. and your purse is a wonderfull idea to use the tast stitches

  5. Looks like you've been having lots of stitching fun!

  6. I love how you have taken the knotted buttonhole off into a spiral - clever. All your stitching is very creative and well done, Anneliese.