9 Aug 2014

Karlsruhe and a crazy bird

Wild flowers in nature on our walk to the park

... and inside the park the Botanical Gardens ....



and in the area there is a well-known art manufacture of ceramics

"Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe"

Owls watching

more owls watching

This might be a bird bath - at the moment without water -

it is about 80 cm high.


It was morning in the park.


Next day:

A meeting with my patchwork friends and I was offered this

very funny crazy bird by Angelika -

I love him!

He is so very friendly funny.










  1. the ceramic art is lovely Anneliese...and very inspiring.

  2. love those owl sculptures. that crazy bird looks like something a child would have a grand time playing with and identifying all those colors. i love it.

  3. What a little crazy bird. I love the owls too.

  4. Beautiful wildflowers and I love the garden sculptures. Floppy bird is so cute.

  5. Lovely ceramic owls and the funny fabric bird is so charming.

  6. Love the colour of those wildflowers. The owl sculptures are amazing. your funny bird is a great idea to put a smile on a friends face.

  7. wondering which country I am in on this walk. Here in Leeds we have owls about, it is the city emblem. I will email you a photo of Queenie and me shortly, trying to catch up on 4 days of blogs !

  8. great birds, here -- the ceramic owls and that fabric bird - how cute!


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