11 Jul 2014

120 Double herringbone 121 Twisted Lattice Band

You can hardly see the double herringbone stitch.

In the first row it is rather narrow and of course I made a mistake.

I stitched without reading everything.

Sharon says: "On every second stitch, slide the needle under the cross bar

created by the first row of stitches.

This means that the second row of herringbone is woven

or interlaced through the first row as illustrated."

So my first row is not at all what it should be: the twisted lattice band

I had to make stem stitches not catching the fabric beneath. The effect

is interesting, too. So I did not unpick it.

The second row is the proper twisted lattice band (121).




  1. never mind Anneliese, maybe you have inventd a new stitch, they all look good to me

  2. Your stitches are always so wonderful. I like it when missed stitches turn out to be new inventions.

  3. Theses stitches create a beautiful effect, Anneliese. You may just have invented another stitch!


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