9 Jun 2014

Hvar by day

Impressions of Hvar in the morning
Old stone houses but with air conditioning
no cars ever go here - before in old times donkeys or mules did the transport
The last one I saw was in the 70ies.
But it happens that we can see a donkey in the fields: We joke and say it is for
the tourists.
The town is built on a hill
Today it is seen as embellishment - we were told that they had curtains hanging on
rods - on either side of the window 

everywhere stairs - donkeys or mules could climb them -
The main plaza - by chance empty - and 3 minutes later ....

people in this side road - which is leading upwards another hill
and all over cafés and restaurants. They renovated this old palace
it was looking always like that since 1470 - never finished
beause the building owner died and left his widow who could not afford
the completion -
The photo is of 1912 - a beautiful Roman style window can be seen here
----- covered by palm trees on my own not very expert photo above.

Nice stonework

Another palace
Cute boats in the window of a little shop - the shelf is wavy

We go further up-hill

A glimps of the castle above the town - it is much farther than it looks here.

And these are the real colours of the Adriatic Sea - no wonder
that I love blue and green together.


  1. what a delightful town so very pretty and lovely to have streets without cars, I suppose if you are moving it is not easy as the furniture van cannot get to the house! Maybe you could use a horse and cart. The sea looks so tempting, a lovely place to visit. I would certainly enjoy a holiday in a town like this, but are there any quilting shops?

  2. Oh, you in that beautiful country again! Envy!!!
    May be next year........I miss it, but too much going on.........

  3. Those pictures are lovely; makes me want to go there. Enjoy your summer holiday.

  4. Wonderful photos. Feriengrüße in den Süden.

  5. oh i so love old stone work. it reminds me of some places i visited when in Israel in the 1960s. do people live here or are they just shops. wonderful pictures and the color of the sea is so beautiful.

  6. A wonderful place to live the 'slow life'. How wonderful to have no noise of cars! There are so many details in the architecture, you are spoiled for stitch inspiration! The seas is really a jewel.

  7. Such history embedded in every stone. wow. The art of beautiful stonework is lost now. I bet one would keep pretty fit having to climb up and down all those stairs every day! The colours of the sea--magnificent!

  8. These are two really lovely posts, Anneliese! Croatia looks like such a beautiful place. Thanks so much for a little vicarious visit:-)

  9. O Anneliese, du machst ja richtig gute Werbung für dein Hvar, all looks so nice you want to go there immediately.


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