24 Apr 2014

More of the pillow and paper class

Pillow 2 - detail
First the detail with a needle tatted ornament.
I am simply dabbling with needle tatting - so experts see my
mistakes. The turning was not always done in the right way.
Pillow 2 - detail
And here is the completed pillow - I am not sure it will be a pillow
after all. It has got rather a funny shape: 32 x 21,5 cm.
It was in Karen Ruane's class on Pillows and Papers. - Mostly handsewn.

Pillow 2 - completed but not stuffed
It might hang on a wall as well.

This morning in the park - wild geese
I practised the pin pillow fabrication -
and I had the idea of making 7 little balls instead of 6 - and it worked fine.


  1. What an interesting piece of art. I love the different textures you have used in the pillow making. The pincushion is pretty too.

  2. you know i love the pillow/hanging you made.....but i smile each time i look at your wonderful pin pillow. where did that idea come from? i love it.

  3. That is such a neat pin cushion!
    As for the 'pillow'. It will be a caressed and fiddled with pillow. For children one can often see tag toys, this is the tag toy for adults!

  4. Very cute pin cushion - I have not seen one like it before. You did very well on your pillow considering you had limited supplies. I love it.

  5. good to see some needle tatting on your pillow Anneliese. i really like this one and yes think it is a good shape, I have made a few this shape. Think 7 balls work well together, they say an odd number is always better than an even one.

    What a wonderful reflection you have in the water with the ducks

  6. Lovely work in your pillow, and lovely seeing your needle tatting on it. It is a very interesting pin pillow, and I like yours having 7 balls also. Very nice work.

  7. Your pillow has a wonderful texture about it, and I really like the colours---all so organic, earthy. Love the pin pillow, too! 7 is good.

  8. It all looks OK to me :-)
    Have a good Sunday,

  9. the little pillow is delightful Anneliese!

  10. Your pillow ihas great texture and colours..why not make up the pillow znd sit it on the long side. Your little nest of eggs pin cushion is very unique..


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