9 Oct 2013

It is a wrap - again

The clothesline is 6 mm thick

and it showed that I could not sew it with my machine. So I unravelled all 15 m resulting in this bunch:
and changed to a thinner more flexible line which DH had in his very large bag for cords. When we travel to the renovation house we have always many things in our trailor which have to be fixed with thousands of meters of strong poly-propylene cord.

Flat like a stamp for the bottom.
Then it has to be bent
towards the machine
This machine is about 60 years old, it is like an elephant and regularly fed with a drop of tasty (for the machine!) oil...

After a lot of turns it resulted in this.



The finished basket. I embellished it with perle 5 in blue and made French knots in the first ditch.

It is strong and firm and I am very satisfied.



  1. Wow, couldn´t even imagine how you did it. That´s great!

  2. I bet you are satisfied! It is a lovely basket you and your 'granny' Pfaff made. Great colour, too!

  3. Very beautiful and so useful, too. Sorry you had to wrap twice! Good lesson learned, I bet.

  4. beautiful job on the basket. i love the added touch with the french knots. you make me want to make some more of these. i made quite a few several months ago. they work up so quickly after the cloth is wrapped around the cord.

  5. Wieder eine tolle Arbeit. Immerhin hat die Maschine die zweite Variante genäht. Sieht mmer noch stabil aus.
    LG Trillian

  6. Anneliese, your basket is very beautiful. I like the embellishments too. You have such a wonderful way with colours and this is no exception.

  7. I am amazed that you did this in a circular manner on your machine, it is great

  8. Love you blue basket, Anneliese. I am embarking on a rag rug type basket in a couple of weeks at a workshop. Parallel lives again?? Nice idea to do the hand stitching over the edge. xxx Di.

  9. What a wonderful basket. I like the way you have added the perle 5 embellishments. I was wondering if you had beads on it before I read about the knots.

  10. Hi, Anneliese. Cool basket, but you undid 15 m????? That is dedication!
    best, nadia

  11. Love it and love the embellishment on it - just the right touch.

  12. Still want to do this.......after all the other things.


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