27 Oct 2013

Fabric box


The box can stand by itself - I used Decovil (it is something like Peltex)

with one sticky side - and appliqued all sorts of things out of my stash - you can see inchies

and leaves - and I stamped again with an Indian woodden stamp

I started with a shape like that - all sides are the same measures - 15 cm


I did not like the shape at first (the photo is taken in the evening sun) -

it seemed to be too high so I undertook a surgery

and cut 2 cm off the rim


The proportions are more pleasing now

There is a pocket on one side for scissors or pencils
We had stormy weather while I was taking the pictures

The sun disappeared

And if you want to know where I got the idea from.....

JaneVille: Studio Box Tutorial!



  1. love the box. i'd fill it in a minute. lots of baskets around here.

  2. That really is beautiful, Anneliese :-)

  3. That is a very pleasing box. Nice material that is both soft and flexible, but at the same time, sturdy and keeps the shape.

  4. I love pretty boxes. what a great way to use your inchies. Very creative and just love the colours.

  5. a great box Anneliese, another project to add to my "to do" list!

  6. That's a very nice pox. Thank you for the tutorial.

  7. Great idea Anneliese, and beautifully done!

  8. Your fabric box is wonderful. The fabrics and embellishing you have chosen make it special.

  9. A lovely box, thanks for adding the link to the tutorial.

  10. Beautiful, Anneliese! You are right making it smaler.

  11. A lovely box with all the appliques and stamps. It does look better after you cut it shorter.

  12. Anneliese, it is great that you could use some of your inchies in such a creative way! The box is fabulous and will probably be very handy. I love the "Janeville' site too and adore looking at Jane's work, it is very inspirational.


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