29 Oct 2013

Turkmen stitch

Can you see my troubles with this stich? The yellow row is showing it.
At least the bottom row in blue is a success

I undid and cut away the previous stitches
at least two times
resulting in this wonderful little heap of cut threads.

Then I found this description through Google and worked after it.
I might undo the ugly yellow row - but I am not sure yet.
Sharon is providing us - even during her journey - with a new stitch each Tuesday
Take a Stitch Tuesday 86 Turkman Stitch - Pintangle


  1. You must be a perfectionist :) I love the little "uneven-ness" of the stiches!

  2. It looks like a very complex stitch Anneliese - well done!x

  3. O my goodness, this is spooky (again) but your stitching looks exactly like the efforts I have done. (apart from the yellow row LOL). Wait til you see when I put a picture of mine up on my blog and you will see how we think alike so very much. I had a bit of trouble with turkman too and found some clearer instructions in a little Anchor book. They call it double chain. xxx Di.

  4. Although this stitch looks easy, I find it one you need to work at, the tension is important. Checking alternative instructions is a good way to learn. Happy stitching!

  5. it took me a while to get the hang of it too Anneliese, but we both got there in the end.


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