23 Aug 2013

We want to see the chicken

 Short Visit to our summer neighbours and their chicken

We are living over on the blue side and came by car
to visit our summer neighbour and their chicken

he sat at this table - reading - she was buying bread down in town

We were offered a glass of Italian wine

and admired the water basin

which was fed by a few drops only

we wanted to see the chicken - they are travelling with the couple
to spend holidays with them. In a dogs "suitcase" for the plane.
Those chicken are the happy ones on this earth.

and they have this: an old butter machine and want to try it out.

They are growing lemons in the mountains.

And they bring the herbs with them

The sky was exceptionally blue and we all happy together.


  1. That's wonderful! I have never heard of travelling chickens before, they look very happy!

  2. a lovely day out and chickens going on holiday that is a new one for me. Must tell my neighbour to take his next time they go away!

  3. It certainly looks like an idyllic place to spend a few hours, drinking wine, eating good French food and watching the travelling chicken. Wish I was one of their chickens.

  4. That is a beautiful place Anneliese, and I am sure you enjoyed the wine. I have never heard of anyone taking their chickens on holiday.....i take my herbs to the farm but no chickens.

  5. Ha, ha! I've never heard of chicken going on a holiday with their owners! Beautiful pictures.


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