22 Aug 2013

Korak - an old technique

In the language of DH - Croatian - it means 'step'.
if you "google" it you will find different explanations. But 'step' is
so reasonable and evident for me because it really is sewn step
by step and by hand. Type the following address and you will find out more
Or "google" Ruth Tschudy, she has published a book "Korak"
(which I do not own, yet)

What I need: Many pins and small scraps - I cut them in advance

strips 7 cm and 5 cm.

The scraps are folded in half and then sewn down with small
quilting stitches.

I am sewing it directly onto the wrong side of the backing fabric
to create small blocks - hoping for inspiration what to make of them
when there are enough - may be a little wall quilt or another keyboard-quilt.
(I am not able to properly link to other sites at the moment, sorry)


  1. This looks interesting. I'd like to see how you end up using them.

  2. love the fabrics you chose for your Korak. glad my post helped you out.

  3. this looks an interesting technique, good way for using up scraps too

  4. This technique resembles the folded (log cabin) roses often used in Japanese quilting.
    Are the scraps square? Do you fold them so they are double? That means you get a rich thickness without needing any wadding, right? I am sure this will turn into a nice quilt.
    Have fun!

  5. This would be a fabulous hand project to take on travels. Also, a great scrap buster. Nice to see you are still fitting some sewing into your busy social life:-)