30 Jul 2013

Stitch reference

I am starting from the beginning of this year's SharonB's Tast stitches.  here
Exactly as Sharon published them - small rows - I want to find them again

and how they are made.
Knotted feather, inverted feather, raised laced herringbone, triangular feather
Herringbone square, laced square herringbone.
You see the gap? The space is reserved for no. 55, the buttonholed herringbone
I wanted to know exactly how to make it and had to wait for internet access down in the
"Base de Loisirs" - a holiday camping. Glad it does exist!
Such is life up in the French Vosges.

Sailors stitch, sailors edge and detached woven chain.
My band is 8 cm broad. And Annett, if you should read this:
It is the first time that I am "counting" threads, although I said some time ago
that I don't like counting but on such a background it is a must.

My progress in tatting. (See here): click here

Well I started to do the star fish, but alas - I made an error and so I changed the pattern.


  1. Your tatting piece is very pretty !!

  2. the sampler will be a nice remembrance of the year stitches. I hope you post a photo of the entire piece when you are done. The tatting is coming along, you never make an error, just a new design!

  3. I've never done tatting. It looks very pretty and also time consuming. You have a good idea for the TAST stitches.

  4. Ok so now I want to learn how to do tatting. Is it difficult? Do I have time for a new challenge? decisions decisions....

  5. You have been busy! I love your 'compact' sampler; it is nice to have all the stitches collected on one piece for reference.
    With the speed you're working you'll soon be caught up.
    Well done! It's good with limited internet access - you have more time to stitch, eh?!

  6. good for yoy Anneliese working through Sharon`s tast, a good way to do it too as it will be a great reference to look back to . Unlike you I do like counted work, not cross stitch but hardanger and pulled work. Tatting is looking good, would not have know you had made an error, maybe you have come up with an original that others will want to reproduce.

  7. Counting on Aida is very easy isn't it?

  8. Hallo Anneliese,
    eine gute Gedächtnisstütze stickst du da! Ich versuche ja Ähnliches mit meinem Stickbuch, bin aber leider sehr ins Hintertreffen geraten. Ja, manchmal lässt einem das "Leben" eben nicht genügend Zeit.
    Bewundere deine Klöppelkunst!
    Liebe Grüße

  9. I've been enjoying catching up on your summer adventures Anneliese! Your tatting looks great, that pattern looks like a challenge. Your stitching sampler is so colorful and will be a great reference.


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