22 Jan 2012


Tree with falling feather
The tree is stitched exclusively with feather stitches -
the third week of SharonB's Tast2012
On the detail you can see the beads and a few French knots

Gradually I am adding the upcoming stitches
on this hand dyed piece of fabric
as long as there will be space


  1. Ah, the french knot! How did we survive before Karen made us all obsessed with it?

  2. This is gorgeous, Anneliese! Will it all be one piece when you are finished or a series of small ones? Can you give us some idea i=of the size you are working on?

  3. A really good example of the feather stitch Anneliese. Your little tree, complete with french knots and beads, looks really good. The colour of the thread is very nice too. Sorry I've been AWOL, very busy in the last few days. Just catching up today.

  4. anneliese I like your stitching in the autumn colours for your tree.Working all the stitches onto the one cloth is going to be very interesting. I like the feather shape.

  5. This is beautiful! your work always inspires me!

  6. Anneliese your stitching are so beautifully done, love the stitching on your hand dyed fabric, yhanks for sweet comment on my blog.

  7. Hi, Anneliese. I'm so glad I can follow everyone's TAST experiments as I haven't got the time. Love what you've done with the buttonhole and fly stitches--very fun and creative!
    best, nadia

  8. these colours are spectacular...

  9. I love your tree and the colours. We were on the same wave length for the feather stitch. It is fun trying to create something from the one stitch. Well done. Di.

  10. I love it, Anneliese :) And hurrah! I can comment on your blog again!!

  11. WOW! I love your stitching!!! Your tree is fabulous and I might even try to duplicate it!!! Learn from the experts is what i say!!!
    A treat to visit your site! Thank you!



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