1 Dec 2011


Red heart The lovely logo was stitched by Annet of the Netherlands.

I have again signed  in for the next TAST2012 (take a stitch Tuesday) and here is what SharonB of Pin Tangle writes:

"This challenge is not a closed clique where people in 'the know' are aware of it. It is for all so please help spread the word and do it as often as people often miss hearing about it first time around!"

Click on the link below and you can read everything about it.


Don't hesitate - it is free and Sharon is a wonderful teacher.


  1. It's fun to see this logo pop-up everywhere!

  2. I have joined as well Anneliese, and am looking forward to the stitching, as well as the comradery along the way. Let the fun begin.


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