29 Nov 2011


I registered for Karen Ruanes "Buttons and more" class.
And that is what I made up to now.
Now I know that I should not, never, baste with colored thread.
The band in the middle is needle woven with added buttonhole lace.
A few French knots and spider web and to fill the space - some
seed stitches.

Again needle weaving with a triangle
of buttonhole lace. Everything very small -
my button will be 2,9 cm large.

A large spider web in two colors on
a piece of old, used linen.

Another spider web - I started in the wrong way
but the effect is not so bad.
My first experiment.
It looks somehow colorless - the whole thing is ecru.


  1. I love your blog. Lot's of great eye candy. You are very talented.

  2. I like your experiments! Your last spiderweb is fun, it's a great variation! It looks like you stitched the beginning of it upside down, the effect is great. I like the 2-coloured one too.

  3. They all look great Anneliese, and I am sure you will approach this class with much enthusiasm. I love the last button, it is not WRONG, just different. It's not wrong to be different surely........LOL....... Happy stitching.

  4. You do like small things, don't you, Anneliese?:))
    It is a good way to try different stitches :)

  5. Your buttons are coming along beautifully, and your stitching is very neat. I like that you have invented a new way of doing a spiderweb that is different from everyone else's.

  6. Die ersten beiden sind schön perlig! Bin gespannt auf das Endprodukt in Knopfform! Toll!


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