20 Jun 2019

Wanderungen im Schwarzwald - walking in the Blackforest

Our sport‘s group is making walks whenever the training can‘t take place
because of holidays or renovation of the gymnastics hall 

Water of the creek Kohlbach is cold - E. is even carrying an umbrella
but we did not need it this day
DH is documenting the happening

Our village in the Blackforest is embellished beautifully

Two days later - on Sunday - we walked with the Schwarzwaldverein -
about 28 people were following H. in the green poloshirt

 - - - — - - - - 
Knitting would be boring if too simple
this is a real challenge - knitting leaves to become once a scarf hopefully,
pattern by Svetlana Gordon via Ravelry

Hauswurz blooming wonderfully in front of the house.

So much for today - tomorrow will be the longest day - solsticium
It is still light outside at nearly 10 pm.

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