28 Jul 2018

Summer heat and more

Lots and lots of yellow little plums  - we call them Mirabellen
Most of them are in the freezer without kernels (2nd photo), or on
already eaten cakes, ha! - or in jam jars.

We fled the garden because of heat and are spending days 
in the cooler Black Forest - Schwarzwald - meeting up with 
friends - new friends of the gymnastics club - in the historic town
of Altensteig - built in the 13th century with its castle as a stronghold.  

We are eating, drinking and chatting - until it is time to drive up to
a place where we can watch the eclipse of the moon -
a very high point called Kapf - 825 m above sea level

 Ok - we saw the moon now and then - slowly moving up in a wonderful
orange color - every so often covered by clouds - but Mars could also
be figured out „below“ the moon.

Driving home we had a wonderful sight of the illuminated town Altensteig.

The photo is far from the real view but with the photo of the map of the
town you can imagine a little - a better view of the town with description 
and webcam here
The red arrow shows the place where we sat in the street behind the larger house 
constructed in 1459 - renovated in the 1980ies - with a quaint restaurant
on the ground floor - I saw the kitchen!
And my admiration for the ladies who are preparing delicious Flammkuchen in there:
dark, very small, crammed full with things. Flammkuchen is made of yeast dough
with lard, onions and cream - the paste being very, very thin.... 


  1. You are lucky to have seen the eclipse and spent time with your friends in such a nice environment.
    You can enjoy the plums all year round, I see.

  2. Hah! SUCCESS at last. Whatever you did WORKED!!! Clever girl😘 i save EVERYTHING too Anneliese. It is a blessing and a curse! Thanks again .