14 Oct 2016

Stitching a Story - continuation 3

Walk through the woods to the tower - which hardly can be seen
Rapunzel wird zum im Wald  verborgenen Turm geführt 

Flowers sititched on felt 
Blumen auf dem Weg - auf Filz gestickt.
Lifting the machine stitched firtree a squirrel can be seen and berries
Die Tanne wurde mit dem Maschine auf Tyvek freihand gestickt

Ivy for the tower - doubled fabric surrounded with buttonhole stitches
Efeu aus doppeltem Stoff 
Reverse side - Rückseite der Efeublätter
Ivy on the tower - Efeu am Turm

Rapunzel is letting down her hair for the sorceress......

Continued ......


  1. I love this journey you are sharing with us such imagination and skill you have Anneliese to create this story book detail

  2. This book will be so much fun to TOUCH, lift up the fir tree, turn the ivy over...
    Won't the book be very thick and difficult to close, or are you making a new binding?

  3. Love this ivy! All so small and cute.