10 Apr 2016

More of the stitchcloth

Deepa has a tutorial on her blog
I followed it and made this flower
The circles are made of linked beaded chain stitches - I showed it before
but now added another circle unbeaded
I like the swinging here - colonial knots following the pattern


  1. Coming along beautifully! I remember seeing that flower on Deepa's blog, and wanted to stitch it........it's still in my to-do pile.

  2. Beautiful!! You've stitched it well,Anneliese :)

  3. loving you flower from Deepa tutorial other stitching good too

  4. I like to follow your progress on the stitch cloth, it makes me want to do the same on one of my ufo's. The kamal kadai flower is very pretty, I stitched a bunch of them last year, but still didn't find the time to blog about them!

  5. I like the way you followed the fabric design in the last picture :-)