6 Oct 2014

Running stitches

Spirals of running stitches and when I broke out of the rythm

I saw that two birds appeared. I call this now paradise birds.

I might still add eyes so they could emerge from the running stitch jungle

Paradise birds

I dyed the white fabric with silk paints for lack of my

ProcionX dyes - they were 300 km away - I made it in

the French house.

Pulled threads in this very thin gauze - before I cut it

away on the bords I surrounded it with chain stitches

and barred chain stitches.

Solution of the neckline

And it is finished - my cardigan - and oh oh oh - the buttonholes are

on the wrong side. I can live with that (television watching).

The neckline rather wide -

not just the thing you need in winter in an old cold house.

The sleeves

The sleeves ----

The pattern came from "Die Farben des Nordens" by Jutta Bücker


Author Jutta Bücker

Complicated, if you folllow it exactly with a

meticulous description. Rather confusing for me -

you can't watch TV while knitting - and

I had to add 5 cm for the sleeves.

But the result is ok.

And a complete photo will come soon.



  1. Yes, I can see the birds in your running stitch jungle. Lovely creative work you are doing,Anneliese, even with limited recourses. I particularly love the idea of the pulled thread gauze. Your cardigan is so beautifully done. A scarf will soon fix the neckline deficiencies!!

  2. love your pulled thread stitching and the birds. the sweater looks beautiful and i understand quite well about not being able to watch tv and knit a complicated pattern. it wouldn't bother me that the buttonholes are on the wrong side. i bet nobody would have noticed had you not mentioned it.

  3. how good to have 2 birds emerging from your random stitching. I "dye" fabric quite a bit with silk paints so much easier to do. The pulled work also looks good, not tried that on such fine fabric and your cardigan is lovely, wonder why you had to make the sleeves longer have you got extra long arms? The colour is lovely

  4. Both the running stitch and the pulled work embroideries are pieces of art. The cardigan is beautiful with its Northern colours and details on the cuffs. I'd never be able to watch TV and knit, but I do quilt while LISTENING to the TV news.

  5. wow Anneliese, the top image is stunning!!

  6. Well done for finishing your cardigan, it looks nice colour and the stitches look very good!
    You are being very creative with your embroidery :-)

  7. I can see the two birds as well. The background is lovely the way the colours blend. those purples and greys look good in your cardigan, and who cares what side the buttons are on they are in the middle when it is buttoned up. Like Dianne said a scarf with soon keep your neck warm.......perhaps a pretty purple one....not much time to myself these days.

  8. Liebe Anneliese,
    ganz herzlichen Dank für Deinen Besuch bei mir ! Sehr gut gefällt mir die Stickerei auf der gefärbten Seide ! Paradise birds, ein schöner Name für Deine Stickerei ! Liebe Grüße von Carmen


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