12 Nov 2013

Tie into bag

I succeeded -A bag made out of three ties and it is Deanna7trees who so kindly

let me know how to make it. I saw it on her blog Eclectic-Meanderings

Should I count my bags? I didn't -- I can only estimate and would come to a higher double-digit - it might be 33 or more.


I like it very much. I found completely new unworn ties even silk ones at a secondhand-shop.

The material is so wonderful. I am really happy about it. I close it with a mother-of-pearl button with a slight blue shine - nice to have stored such little goodies in boxes - also uncountable - main thing is to know what is where.

Great smile!


Weather was fine, sunny but cold. Beautiful for a walk.

Going south....

Hills in the east

Sky in the ditch

The lake - a former quarry pond - for bathing and fishing


This could be inspiration for stitching

A tree broke off the bank

November clouds

The neighbourhood of our village.



  1. oh it turned out beautifully. you did a fabulous job. like your closure as well. enjoy.

  2. the bag has worked so very well, I am waiting for ties from my brother along with lots of cotton shirts he no longer wants, not sure what I will do with them but will check out the blog with the bag instructions. A beautiful village you live in, countryside beats a city , so much nicer

  3. You live in a beautiful place and I understand you want to brave the cold to go for walks.
    The tie bag is great! There are so many ties that are too 'flashy' to be worn by business men and they end up in the thrift shop.

  4. What a great idea to make a bag out of old ties! Yours turned out wonderfully well. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your walk. Looks lovely.


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