17 Oct 2013

Nature's and my stitching

Nature is working - hm stitching on this old stone trough

I chose softer material
but using the trough as background actor
my little round something - a "lie-about"



I used Tast stitches: Buttonhole - chain st. - rope st. - one sided feather st. - French knots - spiked knotted cable chain - a row of beads and wrapped coral st.

And to show the actual size

If you are interested in Tast stitches then open this: Take a Stitch Tuesday - Pintangle






  1. A charming 'lie about' in your garden, and good use of various TAST stitches. Isn't the Spiked Knotted Chain fun to make?
    The natural stone decorated with moss is impressive, too.

  2. a great selection of tast stitched here Anneliese and useful too

  3. This is so cute anneliese...love the colours.

  4. A good idea to use nature to inspire your stitching. It looks lovely.

  5. So cute! It looks perfect.

  6. Lovely backdrop for your art, Anneliese. You little puff of stitchery is a delight. I am very behind with the TAST - again. Your colours are amazing!


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