21 May 2013

Coral stitch

Stitch # 66 - Coral Stitch
also known as
coral knot, German knot stitch, knotted stitch, beaded stitch and snail trail
look it up here: Pintangle of SharonB
and you can easily stitch it, too!
I am slowly filling in the leaf
...and the detail:
I used the stitch as a filler
and what would it be without French knots
not only in love with France but also with its knots


  1. real leaves should be like this.

  2. Nice work. Spring is here and the leaves are growing into beauties!

  3. Stunning, Anneliese! It is REALLY lovely

  4. your leaf is coming along a treat Anneliese, so many stitches and so colourful

  5. That is awesome work, Anneliese. I can remember my Mum having lots of tablecloths that she had embroidered for when she got married. I love to see this sort of work. have a great week, hugs Shaz #125 xx

  6. Your leaf is spectacular. The coral stitch is one of my favourites. The colours you have used make a very pretty leaf. xxx