23 Mar 2013

Circles with Tast Stitches - a Tast design challenge

Raised herringbone
sailors edge
straight stitch
chain stitch
detached chain stitch
French knots

I made a tiny quilt with appliqued circles on which
I stitched the proposed Tast stitches

Ok, raised herringbone was not proposed by Sharon
I noticed it too late

this circle is fixed with sailor edge stitches -
and embellished with
running stitches

here are finally the straight stitches with French knots in the middle of the flowers

I fixed the circle with herringbone stitches and
surrounded the little flowers with chain stitches

the French knots

fixed with chain stitches and detached chain


  1. Nice samples.Beautiful.


  2. Such a nice little quilt!

  3. Raised herringbone is very decorative, must try that one.
    The one with sailor stitches looks like a globe to me, the orange running stitches are fishes.
    I really admire the way you compose the filling of a circle with just a few stitches.

  4. You have made good use of the fabric. Many of the circles look like planets and put together you have a beautiful quilt. Every stitch looks good in curves.
    Congratulations of making a wonderful TAST challenge quilt.

  5. a wonderful collections of stitches. I do like a lot the straight stitches with french knots.

  6. lots of great stitching here, you have been busy Anneliese, each piece looks great added to the quilt

  7. These are really lovely! I like them very much

  8. Thanks for coming over to follow my blog, Annaliese! I appreciate your lovely comments. Your TAST work this year is wonderful! I have not been working on my sitches for about a year now, but I have every intention of returning to the project. I started a book last year with twelve months of color themed pages, and I really love the idea of having it as a reference as well as a learning tool. I am putting some of my recent stitching experience to work on some art pieces that I will put on my blog next time. See you around.