26 Feb 2014

Tast Stitch 101 - spring and a future lego quilt

Take a Stitch Tuesday 101 Triangular buttonhole stitch and 102 Beaded Triangular buttonhole stitch

Nice little triangles - the buttonhole stitch variation
To find out how to sew this just click here....
My first row is stitched with a fine variegated cotton perle.
Then I used perle 5 for the middle row and
made a few yellow French knots to make it look joyous.
and then my version with beads.
But friends - this stitch works only when you count the gaps and threads.
I will do a wild version of this - without counting - I promise.
And here comes spring - it is the snowless winter
in our region. And this is February 25th.

We biked a little and saw this wonderful tree
and the sky in the meadow -
I never saw daffodils as early as that - they need still a little sun -
the crocusses -
And here my new work - cutting strips 4 cm wide and joining them
into long strips - to creat a lego quilt.
The first layout

To make a blanket I need 35 pieces. How long will that take.......?
Today I spent cutting the next strips. If you suppose that I am using up
scraps you are right. But they lasted only for 5 such squares. I started
to cut from fabric of my stash. Stash reducing!


  1. You were quick to do number 101 and 102! They are looking great.
    Spring has sprung in your part of the world.
    Have fun playing with your 'LEGO'.

  2. Good to see the triangular buttonhole on Aida. I was wondering if it would work. It makes it easy to see how to place the stitches. Your new blocks looks very nice, stash reducing is always a good thing. Then there's place for something else!

  3. don't you love seeing those bulbs starting to pop up early? the first flowers in Spring are the most exciting to me. love the idea of your lego quilt.

  4. I agree, the French knots are just the Percy addition of joy to your embroidery! the Lego quilt layout is lovely, what a great idea!

  5. You are very quick with your buttonhole triangle. Your versions are great. I love the blue one with the blue beads. It must be wonderful to see the beginning of spring with the bulbs starting to flower.
    Your quilt is very bright and colourful. I like it a lot.

  6. great tast stitching Anneliese. Well you are fit biking, I am sure I would fall off. You have shared some lovely things you saw on your ride. Loving the scraps, you soon used them up and now using your stash, you know what that means you will have to buy more for the stash!

  7. Lovely embroidery. Karen #44

  8. what a lovely post!! Beautiful flowers and I adore your stitching with the beads. I think your strip piece will take you a long time!! But it will be worth it. I hope you are having a lovely weekend

  9. Love the one with the beads, anneliese. The scrap quilt is going to be colourful indeed.

  10. After a disastrous week and weekend, I'm finally able to stick my head above water long enough to return your visit from last Wednesday. Wow, I would gladly give you my winter. I haven't seen grass, much less flowers, for weeks. It's all white around here. You are really going through your stash fast, if you used all your scraps so quickly. Way to go.


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