28 Aug 2013

More stitches

My stitch band

photo taken without sun

Crested chain stitch - bullion buttonhole stitch
and wrapped coral stitch
and below is the backside. I am sure the knots are
not very expert-like. But I make it like that - et voilà
I am getting the stitches from
Sharonb's site with much information about stitching and embroidery
 click here if you are interested
Sharon has many pages which are interesting  -

Herringbone square - laced square herringbone
buttonholed herringbone - sailor stitch - sailor's edge

And here comes the sun: Hm, photos taken in the sun .....

From the top: wrapped coral stitch - Portuguese stem stitch (2 rows)
zig-zag chain - woven zig-zag chain - Vandyke stitch - woven cross stitch

cloud filling stitch. For the two lower rows I used detached chain stitch
as anchor stitch.


  1. lots of tast stitches today Anneliese and a neat back too

  2. i always love to see your stitching and how you interpret them. I like the way you have used the chain stitch to anchor the cloud filling. your work is always unique.

  3. You have shown a LOT of stitches. Good idea to use an Aida band to stitch your sampler on. All your stitches are neat and elegant; which did you like the best?


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