31 Aug 2013

Little bag finished

I started it in spring
This is the final look and the colour is pretty well showing
It doesn't look square but it is: 19cm

Beautiful yarn - and the beginning of the border - which I also unravelled again
I crocheted the cord

I sewed in the zipper - today I saw that it is too short

So I took it out, replaced it by a longer one and made also a new lining
- because the red one was too boring and too tight.
I know, I know, the end of the zipper is not
sewn in properly. It will be closed most of the time and can't be seen anymore.
I let the lining peep through a little bit. The crochet border is made
by backward stitches (Krebsstich in German). I like this shoulder string -
I used double yarn.

How to Crochet the Romanian Lace Cord - YouTube


  1. Das ist ein entzückendes Täschchen geworden! Freue mich, dass dir der Flashmob gefallen hat! :-) Ja, ich hoffe sehr, dass ich nun wieder mehr Zeit für mich haben werde!

  2. Hello Anneliese,. Your bag is very lovely. I have once made a Romania Lace Cord and it was such a JOY to make. Yours has turned out beautiful. Hugs Judy

  3. What a chic bag ! love the yarn; its colours and the texture.

  4. love the texture of that yarn. beautiful. and if that inner zipper bothers you, just sew a pretty print fabric over it.

  5. this is a very pretty bag Anneliese, love it

  6. Your little bag is stunning. Good work putting in a zip, I avoid them whenever possible :-) I love the crocheted cord - very good. xxx Di.

  7. Everything is nice about this bag; it is furry and touchable (look out for those pick pockets!), the colour is great and the strap most attractive. Well done! Nice to have it completed?


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