2 Jul 2013

Empty your attic - vide-grenier

On Sundays French folks bring out their old things,
treasures more or less, to the streets.
As far as I know only once a year in a village.
Walking up the hill in
GOUHENANS - our neighbor village

Now if you want to know how to pronounce the name I will describe it here:
goono - ("oo" like in good, the 3rd "o" like in awe)
and they need 9 letters for this
This is a pretty house
still walking uphill
Our purchase - a mirror - the lady in the red trousers told us:
It is old - Ok, that is why we wanted to have it for our toilet
inspite of worm-holes - it will be treated.
We paid 6€ for it (about 7,50US$)
The boss of renovation is holding the mirror, my knees can be seen
Walking downhill past this nice wall.
We are browsing the web pages of the region to find out about flea market -
a nice and interesting Sunday entertainment (it takes us two hours not longer) - we get to know the region and find sometimes something to equip the old house which DH is renovating.


  1. A nice find in a charming village. Thank you for the lesson in French.

  2. Very nice knees, Anneliese :-)

  3. I can see you are really enjoying your time in the house in France and adding lovely things to it.


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