17 Jun 2013

Trip to the village Brusje

Island Hvar

300 m above sealevel - the road is narrow but good
The town in the background is Starigrad (which means old town)

Small fields were created by the old people to gain land by gathering the stones and
heaping them up to form walls

Stones and rather poor vegetation - however lavender - which is not blooming yet
and wine and olive trees

Then in the village of DH's ancestors we had the chance to see this herd of goats

The "shepherd" chased them off the street, so that we (and others) could pass
I got out of the car and was delighted to take photos

The main road through the village called Brusje

DH always working at something, repairing...

View from our garden on some islands,
Croatia has got 1240 of them - from very little to very large
Hvar measures 70 km and 3 - 4 km across

Our garden

a visitor


  1. Great views, great weather, cute goats!

  2. did not realise that DH came from here, is it another of your homes or were you staying in a rental property. Love all those goats Anneliese, so enjoying this trip with you and seeing the places you visit, good to see places I will never have a chance to go too

  3. Hvar is such an interesting island. It is always wonderful to visit these old historical places.

  4. I love the photos of the goats.

  5. Lovely to see where you are at.


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