19 May 2013

New house - new windows

The windows in the renovation house are much too large to crochet curtains
- of course I would not be as crazy as that -
but I will find a place for a little crocheted curtain depicting a castle

"My home is my castle"

I found  the pattern in a German magazine: Liebes Land, Nr. 4/April 2012
But don´t you think that I bought the magazine
No - DH and I made our walk through the village on a late afternoon
when people had put out their waste paper to be collected
and what we saw in front of a house was:
heaps and heaps of wonderful different magazines all about the themes house - garden - crafts and
other beautiful things -
and published last year (2012)
so not really old

We talked to the very congenial young lady if we could take them
She was happy that she could make us happy
So everybody was happy and
we went home to get the car
and load those 20 kg of "waste paper"
for me a treasure and many hours of lovely browsing and reading
for quite some time
(and I even see DH browsing - old houses are so interesting to look at)

Now, this piece of a curtain will have a point and I tried and unravelled at least 6 times
till I found the right way - when it is large enough crocheting goes on in a straight way
till the design will start
It will be my work in our holidays at the Adriatic sea.
We both love second hand shops and like to recycle material
We -we? he! - seldom are throwing away anything.

(Well, I am doing it secretely from time to time, ha!
What the eye does not see the heart does not grieve over!)




  1. What a treasure! It's always nice to flip through old magazines for inspiration.

  2. what a great find, and the crochet has turned out a treat.

  3. I really had to laugh about your story. You were a lucky girl to find such wonderful "rubbish".

  4. That was good luck coming across all the mags. Hard to resist eh? I need to do what that dear lady did and clear out my mags but because I hoard, many of them are old and out of date! (Patchwork & Quilting). Cute pattern for the crochet and good luck with the pattern. xxx Di.

  5. I think it's going to be a wonderful piece. I can't imagine why someone would throw away such creative work.

  6. I am sure you were meant to pass by the house and see the magazines! They wanted to be found! Now the curtain-to-be wants to go on a holiday to the Adriatic Sea and grow there! Have fun!


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