7 May 2013

Lovely weather on Sunday

We  are  oftn making the same walk
but it is always lookig differently
This is the first day in May weather being beautiful and warm
the leaves on the trees are still very light green

coming out of the small wood we see yellow fields
on this photo it is looking nice
and the fragrance is lovely

but I have a bad feeling seeing mostly "yellow"
mono-culture - rape
it will be processed into bio-fuel
instead into oil for human food
These are low hills - it is still worse in the plain
where you can see nothing but rape fields.
It is in south Germany.


  1. ... but it is still a sunny colour!

  2. Whatever it is used for, it is a beautiful landscape.

  3. the rape fields are so bright and cheerful we have a lot of those here too but not so well on as yours. Love the colour of leaves when they first open so fresh looking.

  4. Looks a lovely place for a walk. A shame about the loss of biodiversity in many places.

  5. The fields would make a nice quilt :-)

  6. Yes, we are getting lots of the same yellow fields on our super grazing and formerly wheat farming land. It makes you wonder what we are going to eat in the future??


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