17 Apr 2013

WOYWW - 202 --- woollen blanket - new bauble

I got this far with my blanket
I am knitting about 10 cm each night looking at TV
Then I am bored and I go on next day.

You could stop on over at Julia's Stamping Ground click here
and have fun to look at many lovely ladies' workdesks on Wednesday
That's WOYWW


Please admire my "points"!! I think they are wonderful
and give the special extra to this blanket

of course it is slow to knit
the hanging little thing makes counting easier
I made it myself

And this is on my workdesk today - Wednesday
can you guess - a new bauble in a Liberty fabric with
a uni blue bottom. I found this little scrap in a scrap bag - really very little - but large enough
for another bauble.
And always with Angelikas needle book (it is always with me, hi Angelika if you read this) 

It really looks that awful when I am working
but I am on the terrace with my little ironing board
(thank you Queeniepatch for the hint with the tablet)


It is beginning like that...

Sewn over thicker paper shapes


Assembling with tiny stitches

The photo is from my iPad - not good, not good!!
But so easy to take...

Bye bye



  1. Love that blanket, I think that is a very clever way of putting it together - may have to use that method myself - makes the pattern unique. Love it!
    Enjoy the day.
    Bishopsmate #65

  2. Hi Anneliese your blanket (and points!) looks fab. I have never seen one knitted in this way. I can imagine it does take a long time to knit it. It will be worth your perseverance when it is done though. Happy WOYWW to you Helen 92

  3. I think this one will be beautiful also.

  4. Blanket is looking very pretty, and the scalloped edging does make it extra special.

  5. I don't knit so am very impressed with your work.
    The bauble factory is busy I can see!
    Good of you to work outside on the terrace with a 'portable work desk'!
    Have fun!

  6. I have admired your points and you are right they are wonderful and are a great addition to the blanket really pretty
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  7. that blanket is stunning! i just LOVE the colours you've chosen - gorgeous!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week!

  8. I like the edge of your blanket! Last time I needed to count my rows in crochetting. I just put the counter on the thread before I started. That worked great and I think it would work for knitting too.

  9. Hi Anneliese , ja ich lese mit Freuden, daß " es" immer mit dabei ist wenn du am Arbeiten bist. Ich bin froh, daß du so fleißig bist, dann haben wir was zum bestaunen.

  10. Looks like you have been very busy with your blanket ! Hope you get to finish it ! Have afun crafty week ! Ali #129

  11. You sound bored :-) ?
    Your corners look great :-))

  12. That sideways kintting is brilliant and I love the dangly counter, what a clever idea!
    Karen #61

  13. What a lot of knitting you are going to have to do! It's looking great!
    Anna Leisa #123

  14. you have been busy and yes your points are great.
    You must have quite a collection of baubles now, have tried to do one but its shape leaves a lot to be desired, has not turned out like yours!

  15. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. Gorgeous knitting. Ali x. #25

  16. Wow this is looking so wonderful :)

  17. Love your blanket! One day I'll learn how to knit...

  18. Hi anneliese, your blanket looks lovely, and that pointed edging looks tricky! The colours on the bauble are great,look forward to seeing more!
    Happy woyww
    Debs #75

  19. Hi, Anneliese. Gorgeous afghan you're knitting there. Love the colors. And by the way, the watchdog in the Vosges is adorable!
    best, nadia


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