15 Apr 2013

Leaves -what's the name - Blätter - Unkraut

What's the name
Ist das vielleicht nur Unkraut?
As some of you know we bought an old house with a large garden
Now, if somebody could tell me
what these green leaves growing on the ground are -
is it something valuable
should I dig it out and plant it on a special and  better place
I don't know the name of it.
And I know that there are experts among my readers.....

and could not find it on internet
Spring came finally also in the east of France
We have many, many of them


  1. I dont know what it is, but those leaves have beautiful markings. I love your watchdog from your previous post.

  2. It looks like some sort of lily - and it does have lovely markings on the leaves. I too, love your recycled metal watchdog from last post. Cute!

  3. It looks like some sort of araceae family- arum lily etc. i cannot tell very well but that would be my guess. See what it es later in the year. Maybe it will shoot up a sort of spiky flower? I know the little yellow ones in the bottom pic are Celandine. I , too LOVED the watchdog! WONDERFUL!!

  4. I think it is some sort of Araceae family, Arum lily etc! See what it does later on.it may shoot up a long, spiky sort of flower stalk. Not sure.

  5. not sure Anneliese but could your leaves be in the hosta family, not very up with plants but these are beautiful, I would leave them in and see what happens.


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