3 Mar 2013



called like that by Liesel Niesner whose daughter - Hilde Klatt - published a little book
about their creations
I made them already some time ago
but here is the how to
three finished

The first one is going to be embellished
I am couching thick green viscose thread on the edges

and a "tail"

preparing the nex one - it is the English paper sewing method 

all prepared


You experts would think: shame! because I fixed them with small sticky stripes
ok it worked but there are better methods

now joining them with very small stitches

these two parts will be joined together and result in the blue LiBellchen
(see on top)

the yellow one


  1. Very clever little decorations to stitch pretty stitches all over. Thank you for the method you use. I am even lazier! When I made my hexie ball, I used fusible (iron-on) interfacing cut to the size without seam allowance. Then I only had to baste the seam allowance at the corners where it overlaps - one quick stitch at each corner instead of your tape. The interfacing gives it stiffness like the paper. Always break the rules.... stitch on!

  2. These are really pretty Anneliese! What does the name mean? How big would they be?

  3. These are wonderful ornaments! I do like the embellishments of the yellow one lot.

  4. these look fun to do Anneliese, thought they used a 60 degree diamond but not so sure I am right.Will put them on my list of things I want to do.

  5. These are lovely, a good way to use a few TAST stitches. Thanks for sharing how you made them. It will go on my to-do-list.

  6. Nice little ornaments! Good to use up scraps.


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