6 Feb 2013

WOYWW - My worktable today

I am working on several projects at a time
On the first photo is my stitching


My beads and a small sewing kit - as I am not in my "studio" but in France in a house
which DH is renovating - Oh my goodness me!
I am carrying it with grace

The groove on the left is practical to take up beads and put them on the needle one by one
it is our mutual invention - DH made it I conceived it.
There  are even kind of legs so it can stand by its own. 

I prepared two new pages for my diary I left some spaces to write into them.
The pages are not made for water colour - never mind I will press them a little

This is the cover for the diary I am using over and over again with each new diary
which I start.

Have a peek inside: Each new achievement in this house is noted down
And on the bottom right I collaged some special treats at Christmas time in France called

That's it!



  1. Your diary pages are lovely! Thanks for sharing your traveling desk!
    Angie #112

  2. Such a good idea to take some crafty items with you whilst hubby is busy. Your journal pages are lovely. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #35

  3. You have a neat travel set for your needlework. Groovy groove!

  4. Love the diary cover, and of course the sneak inside too. Enjoy your vancance in France. Thanks for visiting the bears this week.

  5. Wow you're so neat when your're working. Guess that would make it easier to tidy up huh?! thanks for sharing. Tamika #125

  6. your stitching is fabulous and I so love your diary, just beautiful!
    Deb #134 xx

  7. oh, poor you having to stitch in France! (I'm so envious) Love your diary cover! Chin up.

  8. you are very busy with different projects on the go.
    Love the way you have painted your notebook, surely the paper is quite thick or is it just ordinary paper? Book cover lovely too, Anneliese you have such a large variety of talents in the creativity world.
    Good on you getting on with your projects whilst DH gets on with the renovations

  9. What a lovely lot of projects you have on display. I am very inspired by your journal. Stunning. Happy Belated WOYWW! Thanks for sharing. Caro #72

  10. I was already wondering how you travelled around from house to house with your stitching supplies. Do you ever forget anything? You might need something that is in another house?


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