15 Feb 2013

Woollen blanket and snow

My blanket - my knitting - folded to be taken away to the patchwork meeting
to work at it while talking
It was on Trekky's blog that I got the idea for the Ten stitch blanket
if you are interested in knitting or want to look at beautifully knitted things
go there and scroll up and down - full of inspiration.
And on this occasion: Thank you Trekky!

And now that:

see picture below

So I wont leave the house
and renounce to the very much awaited meeting - once a month


  1. A shame you'll miss your meeting. Looks like my yard this morning.

  2. I do not blame you, I would not leave the house either!

  3. Hi Anneliese I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for the info.

  4. Wow, I see what you mean about the snow! No thank you!
    I like the colours you are using for your knitting.

  5. Your blanket looks lovely, you have even picked winter colours! I hope the weather gets warmer soon! Thank you.

  6. I really like the colours in your blanket, they remind me of winter. I hope the weather gets warmer soon! Thanks

  7. Such beautiful snow - but so very cold....


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