17 Feb 2013

Unpicking - a favorite play - WIP


When I am enthusiastic about quilting I am making things
 which I dislike the next morning and so.....
I was unpicking today in the first wonderful hours after breakfast

You see the left upper square on the way to be cleaned of the unpicked  threads

Already clearer

The threads are gone. I will do the other square, too,
I don't like the disorder

A quilted flower

I will leave this little square as it is


  1. Unpicking is no fun at all but has to be done so we get our pieces just the way we like them. All your various fabric pieces are looking so colourful and lovely!

  2. This is very interesting! For me it it usually the opposite; I make something and feel disappointed, then put it away for a day and when I come back it looks OK or even good!
    For your quilt, the batik pattern is sometimes busy and sometimes calm; maybe you need to have an even amount of quilting in each piece.
    I love the quilted flower!

  3. you have been busy, I think I am right in saying this is a disappearing nine patch.

  4. Ah, unpicking! Sometimes in a piece of work there's more un-stitching than stitching. I too love your quilted flower!

  5. Anneliese I must truly be a novice at quilting because i liked what you did before the unpicking. Sometimes we can be our own hardest taskmasters.

    i do love the quilted flower too.

  6. You are picky, Anneliese! I rarely take out hand stitching...I prefer the "just keep adding" method. It will all work out in the end. In any case, beautiful stitching on those luscious fabrics!
    best, nadia


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