28 Feb 2013

Herringbone stitches

I was filling a small silken patch of the project which is to become a litte purse
it is stitch Nr. 53 the light blue ones, called herringbone square
and stitch No. 54 with the name laced square herringbone
SharonB of Pin Tangle is supplying us in a wonderful
continuity with new stitches to learn

If you are interested you can find more on this site http://pintangle.com/tast-faq/
scroll down to find all the stitches.
select anyone of them and you reach the stitch dictionary with
all the explanation how the stitch is done.
A really wonderful help.
I don't make another fabric book of stitches - I am adding
the related stitches on the page of my Tast 2012 stitch reference book.
Above is the 10 cm square feather stitch sample and on the edge
the triangular feather stitch, the inverted feather stitch and
the knotted featherstitch (from left clockwise)

Herringbone sample of last year with new stitches surrounding:
Laced square herringbone, raised laced herringbone and
herringbone square
(from left counter clockwise)
A little bigger: 50 x 57 cm - and already warming!


  1. You have done so well with all your stitches! So much good practice :-)
    I love your little crochet roses :-)

  2. What a good idea to stitch the new stitches next to your old samplers! I like your lace square herringbones, still have to try those. And I found the pattern from lovely your blanket, it was already on my computer!

  3. Beautiful stitching, Anneliese! I love all of the colours. A friend of mine is dyeing threads- perle cottons, for embroidery! Doesn't that sound like fun! I have not seen them but would love to. Your blue blanket is looking good too. How big is it now?

  4. Annet is right; good idea to add new variations of the Herringbone stitches next to the old ones.

  5. Your laced square herringbone is good...I think the laced ones look like little sumo wrestlers.

    I enjoy seeing your previous Tast stitches.

    Your blue blanket is going well and looks like it will be nice and warm.

  6. you are keeping up with the tast Anneliese, maybe it will move me to catch up to, some lovely stitching you have done.

  7. Deine Stickereien sind wie immer sehr interessant und inspirierend. Dein Strick-"Quilt" wird auch sehr schön. Habe mal im Val d'Argent afrikanische gestrickte Decken gesehen.
    Wünsche dir einen kreativen Sonnteg


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