31 Jan 2013

WOYWW - Knitting

Well this was on my working table yesterday  - when it was Wednesday.
I started to knit and this will last for weeks not to say for months
in the worst case for years
But this is at least the beginning

I started with one square and then it is going on like that...

I am using wool from my stash and different colours
and you will find this very often on my working table


  1. Have fun using up your yarn.

  2. Auch wenn's vielleicht länger dauert - ich bin schon neugrig was draus wird :-)
    Mir geht's beim Granny häkeln aber auch so........... manches zieht sich schon ein Jahr....
    LG, Gaby #98

  3. This looks interesting ...... is it a quilt?

  4. Your piece makes me want to learn! I can't do any type of needle work. I think I am all thumbs! Love the use of different colors and shapes!

  5. Schon letzte Woche habe ich WOYWW bei dir entdeckt. Ein lustiges Projekt.
    Wird drei neues Strickprojekt eine Decke?
    LG Trillian

  6. Well this is going to be fun to see your progress--show us more next week, yes, Anneliese?

    late again to the party,
    #163--but not last this week!
    Happy WOYWW!!

  7. this looks interesting not sure how you do it, I find knitting hurts the joints too much and have had to stop but crochet and tatting seem okay

  8. What a lovely project to use up your yarn! These kind of projects are supposed to stretch in time!

  9. this looks like you have an interesting project going on here Anneliese. Will look forward to seeing the progress.

  10. Well done Anneliese, use it up and at the same time satisfy your need to be creative, great stuff. Looks like thin needles too gal, crikey, it would take me forever just to do the piece you've already completed!

  11. oh ! I love all these wool yarns together. Will look forward to seeing what you will do with that.


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