21 Dec 2012

The 15-pointed star - a tutorial

It is long ago that I made one -
To tell the truth: It should be a 16-pointed star
by not cutting very exactly I got only 15 points.

 My friend Sibylle came and we crafted one together.
It is late for Christmas but not too late.
She brought the paper - a roll of transparent paper
70 x 100 cm
It is divided into two halves and cut with a very sharp knife (70x50)
And again into halves (35x50)
And once more (35x25)
Now you fold it again (17,5x25)
And again (8,75 approx.x 25)
Now you have 16 strips of 8,75 x 25 cm
You are working with those individual strips:
Fold them lengthwise into halves
and fold in the four edges
as exact as possible - two edges meet at the fold 


 Next step -you fold the edges in again on both short sides
(see picture below)

You will get very pointed  tips

Now you are again folding the pointed tip of one end
(the left side) exactly to the middle fold -
I folded the lower one - now the upper one, too

The folds are overlapping here

Exactly at this point (shown with the pencil above) you will fold the right tip towards the middle
take care to hit really the middle with the point

It is this corner where you fold the right point in

Like that

Again fold the edges to the middle
see my pencil, it is the upper edge,
work also the lower one 

And again the two edges to the middle (see the pencil) -
it is a fiddly work

Make all 16 strips like that

Sibylle is folding and cutting the fold with a knife.


Now take your glue and...

put glue on this side where the pencil is pointing to

glue the single point exactly on top of the previously
glue dabbed point -
 i.e. one half will be sticked to the half of the next.

(I hope my English is not too bad and you my readers will understand what I mean
but don't hesitate to point out errors in your very welcome comments)

Make it 16 times till you made the round of the star.

If you accidentally have the odd idea to count mine
- I forgot to put one remaining point and I made it with 15.

I could not believe it because I counted several times, ha.
But it closed perfectly.


  1. Interesting directions......but think I will just admire yours - well done, even if it is short a point!

  2. It is nice of you to share this beauty, although I don't think I will have time anymore...
    Beautiful new header!

  3. an amazing star, your instructions are very clear Anneliese

  4. Hello Annelise,
    Thanks for visiting one of my blogs.
    Do not look so often written off late, and sometimes not.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lots of health, best regards,
    Hugs .........

  5. What a gorgeous star Anneliese. I have some wonderful directions for similar things in ANNA magazines. After Christmas I will study this more fully. It is totally awesome!! Merry Christmas.

  6. Very clear, Anneliese. It is lovely and must look beautiful with light behind it!


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