5 Dec 2012

Stars Tatting Baking

I will put them on the window - I think they would look nice on the renovation house during Christmas-time

I used a magazine photo as background
It is not our vineyard

The stars are from the Magazine "Anna" of December 2011

The trees in the background are from a magazine
Now and then I am trying my skills in tatting
This is called heather edging and I got it free from
this site here
I am very thankful to the author of Be-stitched.com
I am so interested in learning this craft -
to make little bits like the following

This was published in the magazine "Anna" of Dec 2012
It should have been a star but the tail of thread was not long enough.
So it turned into a square which is not bad at all.
The yarn is rather thin, the motive measures 3,8 cm
from point to point

It is a nice decoration for the tree
5 cm from point to point

I started this one long ago
it turned out too big so I simply stopped and
will hang it as it is on the Christmas-tree -
asymmetrical which I like
Baking for Christmas
Goodies from kitchen and sewing machine
do not eat each
take care when you pick your choice

Some are made of silk, embroidery thread and beads

My statement:
He is the cook - 
the man of the house
I did not move a finger

It took him 3 afternoons
He is really the hero of the hour!
(Sorry for the German names - and....
Should you need one or the other recipe I would be pleased to send it to you)


  1. They all look yummy and pretty !

  2. Your stars will look beautiful hanging up! I envy you your baking partner, I will have to make some biscuits too, but I don't think I will make so much this year :-)

  3. Anneliese, what a lovely post. I love your little crochet stars and the tatting. I have lots of these patterns in various ANNA magazines too. Your 'staging' is so lovely too. Bravo to the cook, pack him up and send him over here. Those treats look amazing. Oh, your stitched 'treats' look pretty amazing too, good enough to eat..LOL. Stay warm my friend.

  4. wow your tatting is great and thanks for your link to the patterns, will be doing some of them. Crochet also excellent and what a good boy hubby is, all that baking, don`t eat it all at once

  5. Wow Anneliese! Gorgeous and delicious looking post. Where is the snow in the picture on your header! It is beautiful too. I am lazy and will not bake much if at all this year. Too tempting for a diabetic with a tendency to gain weight 😢

  6. Your tatting looks great. How many guests have you invited? You won't put it all in the freezer, won't you.
    Looks delicious also the "not baked"

  7. Wow, so schöne Sterne. Häkeln ist gar nicht mein Ding, doch bei so schönen Kleinigkeiten könnte ich echt noch schwach werden.
    Deine Bäckereien sehen so echt aus. Wenn du es nicht geschrieben hättest, hätte ich glatt die falschen gegessen

  8. Really hard to pick the difference - you stitched ones are really good. What a man!! He can have the run of my kitchen anytime. I would have to learn how to exercise then!!


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