23 Nov 2012

Portuguese border stitch

 Soon I will make - or buy ready-made - the Advent wreath
With the new stitch - the Portuguese border stitch -
I thought of braiding a wreath
and as the season is approaching
an Advent wreath came out of my needle
I used a pretty thick viscose thread which is
rather difficult to handle but the shine to it is wonderful.
To depict the needles I used barred chain stitch
on the inner and outer circle.
And where the stitches were not very even I made drizzle stitches
and tatted rings.
Tatted rings are also on the sides made of 6 stranded mouliné thread
Mary Corbet has just lately put on a tutorial
how to make a six-pointed star and it came in very handy for me.
You find it here: six-pointed star
Thank you Mary!!!
My star is still looking very poor - it was a first try.
Moreover, SharonB - who gives us all those very interesting stitches
- the Portuguese border stitch is the 47th this year -
also pointed it out in her blog pintangle.com
find it here: http://pintangle.com/
There are so many interesting things to see, to read and to do.
Posted: 22 Nov 2012 11:13 AM PST
That's it for today


  1. Your PB stitch looks wonderful as a wreath! I tried Mary's star, too, but my first one didn't look quite right. I'll practice.

  2. This really is so festive. I am feeling warm and toasty just looking at it! Perfect for making the Christmas atmosphere!

  3. It is lovely and I do like the colours you have used.

  4. REALLY REALLY pretty, Anneliese! You ARE a clever girl 😊

  5. Beautiful! stitches are Perfectly done!looking elegant!I am practicing star stitch.

  6. a great wreath Anneleise, this stitch works so well in a circle and good to see some tatting from you

  7. Portugese border stitch is perfect for a wreath. Such a coincidence, today I embroidered barred chain stitch too.

  8. Portugese border stitch is perfect for a wreath. Clever idea.
    Such a coincidence, today I embroidered barred chain stitch too.

  9. What a lovely Christmas ornement !

  10. This is lovely!! I could imagine it on the front of a Christmas Greeting card to someone very special.

  11. Hi, Anneliese. I see you've got the holiday spirit! The way you stitched your wreath is superb. Love the use of those fancy stitches. I hope Sharon does the TAST next year--I want to do it now, too. It's just one more small thing to do, right?
    Have a very happy holiday season with lots of stitching!
    best, nadia


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