9 Nov 2012

Open needle woven picot

The new Tast stitch is very like the last one - only on its base it is open instead of closed. I tried
different ways and variations, from the left:
The first one is quite normal - I used perle thread no. 5 -
then I added a bead - just as it came into my fingers
after that I tried to weave with two threads
and why not put more beads - I wove them in with the middle thread
finally in this photo I wove with 5 threads - and two needles were necessary
and please this disorder - I love it as long as they are my tools and threads

My final little embroidery looks like that - I found the idea for the wings of the insects in the very much admired stitching of feyfae at flickr.
Please have a look at this bushfire of feyfae - it is artistic.

Plants and insects
(I see that I should not use the iPad and the netbook for posting
I can't change anything afterwards.
Not me, although DH thinks that I am gifted for modern technology.)



  1. once again you have come up with a great sample of the stitch Anneliese.

  2. These are really interesting stitches, Anneliese! Beautifully done too! What will you do with all of your little samples when the year isup?

  3. These are very interesting Anneliese! Beautifully done too. What will you do with all of your little samples when the year is over?

  4. These are good for little insects. I used to use them for butterfly bodies. Yours are great.


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